Character types

Character types

The versatility to deliver voice overs or narration, or voice characters, in German or French, or in English coloured with German, French, European / Continental or Middle-Eastern accents means Alexander casts easily for a wide range of character ‘types’.

‘Warm, romantic or arty’ roles or voice types

Alexander speaks native French, which lends his tone and cadence authenticity for those characteristics usually associated with men speaking English with a French accent.

This means Alexander can add an enticing French warmth, sexiness, romance, sophistication or elegance to English language narrations and characters. For example, he would be perfect for briefs calling for:

  • a “well-travelled, worldly male, 30-40, with a yacht in Monaco”;
  • an “expert French chef-type at home in the kitchens of Europe’s finest restaurants”;
  • an “expert on art and interiors with a French accent”;
  • a “finance expert who sounds appropriate for international trading”.
English – French Accented BT Commercial w/ Rebel Wilson Alexander Devrient

‘Character’ roles or voice types

With his facility with both European languages and accents (speaking High German, French, English and Spanish, coupled with some level of Middle-Eastern Levantine Arabic) Alexander is able to develop accents and voice tones which bring depth, colour and animation to a wide range of character roles.

Alexander’s training in London as an actor guarantees that character voices are not only based squarely on script or script-extrapolated reference, but then portrayed with every nuance or, in dubbing, of the live action or animated performance. Alexander would be perfect for briefs calling for:

  • a “Nobel prize-winning scientist;
  • a “business mogul intent on taking over the world”;
  • a “cold, clinical or arrogant doctor”;
  • a “private jet-traveling European playboy”;
  • a “narrator of legends”;
  • an “Arab Prince”;
  • a “lead character in a fantasy world”;
  • a “soldier or officer engaged in a war”.
English Middle Eastern Accented – BBCRadio Drama “Supertower” Alexander Devrient
English Italian Accented – BBCRadio Drama “Supertower” Alexander Devrient

‘Cool and sophisticated’ roles or voice types

Alexander’s European / Continental and Middle Eastern accent range provides an immediate air of cool and sophistication, making him an excellent choice for a wide range of casting requirements. For example, Alexander would be perfect for briefs for:

  • an “internationally educated young professional”;
  • an “impressive boyfriend, husband or party guest”;
  • an “international playboy or gambler”;
  • a “collector of art, antiquities or other rare objects”
  • an “airline pilot”;
  • a “ski instructor or aficionado”;
  • a “Middle Eastern magnate, businessman or ruler”
English French Accented BBCRadio Drama “Supertower” Alexander Devrient
German Citröen DS3 TV Commercial Alexander Devrient

‘Smart and successful’ roles or voice types

In just the same way as Alexander’s European and Middle Eastern accent range makes him well suited to character briefs for cool and sophisticated younger to middle aged men, so it also makes him a perfect option for portraying a wealth of smart and successful character types. For example, Alexander would be an excellent casting on briefs calling for:

  • a “successful technology entrepreneur”;
  • a “high flying European banker or financier”;
  • an “leading German architect or engineer”;
  • a “top tennis player or racing driver”;
  • a “wealthy playboy or gambler”;
  • a “high-flying lawyer or financier”
English German Accented Bosch TV Commercial Alexander Devrient