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Corporate & Explainer
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A highly experienced male corporate voice artist, Alexander’s extensive experience in voicing corporate productions, together with his broad understanding of the world of commerce, makes him an excellent choice for explainer videos, brand videos, launch films, investor relations films, PR audio and many other corporate applications.

German Corporate & Explainer Demo Reel
English ‘Continental/European’ Corporate & Explainer Demo Reel
English German Accented Corporate & Explainer Demo Reel
French Belgian Accented Corporate & Explainer Demo Reel

An engaging male, native German, native accented English (with German, French or ‘Continental’ accent) and native French voice delivering with academic precision.

Alexander delivers in native German and Belgian French, as well as in clear authoritative English gently accented with authentic German, French or ‘Continental European’ accents.

His background (native High German and French speaking), enables him to colour his English with equal confidence and accuracy in each of these.

For corporate productions, this diversity makes Alexander ideal as a voice over for brands with German, Belgian, French or broader ‘Continental’ associations.

It also makes him ideal for brands whose sector values are positively triggered by delivery in a specific or ‘Continental’ European accent.

Listen to samples of Alexander’s corporate voice over, narration and explainer work.

German voice with high German accenting

As a native German Voice Artist with a High German accent, Alexander can reach German-speaking audiences with a voice appropriate for a wide range of commerce, finance, industry, technology, IT, and medical sector businesses.

English voice with German accenting

As an English Voice Artist with a German accent, Alexander adds precision and quality to engineering, technology, aviation, finance and other science-related sectors including medicine and pharma.

English voice with non-specific Continental accenting

As an English Voice Artist adopting a non-specific ‘Continental / European’ accent, Alexander lends charm, sophistication, and intrigue in sectors such as food, travel, technology, fashion, luxury goods and art.