Alexander Devrient – German quality, British training, and French charm. Sure, but who is the person behind the voice?

Educated in Belgium to the age of 19, Alexander speaks High German and French as native languages. However, schooled in English from the age of 15 (later gaining a BA in Economics and International Relations from the University of Birmingham), Alexander speaks English with native fluency. Alexander also speaks fluent Spanish.

A highly versatile, accented male voice artist, Alexander Devrient specialises in voice over, narration and character voicing for commercials, corporate productions, medical work, E-learning, and educational productions and games, as well as a range of other studio and post-production voicing.

Alexander Devrient as Henri in ‘The Jungle’ at the Playhouse, West End

Trained as an actor at Drama Studio London, Alexander has specialised in studio voice work in which his German, French, and accented English deliveries lend relevance, credibility, and authenticity to narration or character roles. (With some Lebanese heritage, Alexander also voices in English with non-specific Arabic or Levantine-inclined accenting. See Character Types.)

While he is frequently cast as an actor for screen, stage and radio work, Alexander has worked consistently as a commercial Voice Artist for over 10 years.

An avid football fan and eclectic lover of good food, Alexander also spent a number of years as a freelance German Broadcast journalist with international sports news and content agency, Omnisport.