Commercial Voice Overs

Alexander Devrient’s bright, intelligent deliveries in native German; English with German, French or non-specific ‘European’ accents; or Belgian French are popular choices for voice overs and end lines on TV, radio and cinema commercials, as well as promos, web commercials, and infomercials.

German Commercial Reel
English ‘Continental’/European Commercial Reel
English German Accented Commercial Reel
English French Accented Commercial Reel
French Belgian Accented Commercial Reel

A versatile German voice (or English voice with German, French or ‘Continental’ accent) to deliver your commercial’s message.

In the tight time lengths and scripting formats of TV, radio and web commercials, every component has the potential to add value to the communication, takeout and brand messaging of a spot.

With an actor’s ability to take direction, Alexander’s background (native High German and French speaking) enables him not only to voice in these languages, but also to colour his English delivery with German, French or non-specific ‘Continental / European’ accenting.

This means he is able to add authenticity, nuance and undertone to commercials using each of these accents.

Listen to the samples of Alexander’s commercials voice over work!

German voice with
high German accenting

As a native German Voice Artist with a High German accent, Alexander can add authority and authenticity to German-speaking territory commercials for brands in many sectors, including automotive, consumer goods, hospitality, finance, and technology.

English voice
with German Accenting

As an English commercials Voice Artist with a German accent, Alexander is able to add assurance, competence and Germanic efficiency, as well as style and sophistication, to brands in the automotive, finance, technology, energy, and pharma sectors, as well as to ads for beers and foods.

English voice
with European/Continental accenting

As an English commercials Voice Artist with a non-specific ’European / Continental’ accent, Alexander can add success, affluence and worldliness to commercials for travel, commerce, fashion, hospitality and luxury goods brands, amongst others.