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Games, Dubbing and other voice work

With thousands of recording studio hours behind him, Alexander’s experience covers a wide range of voice work. As well as Corporate productions, Commercials, E-learning & Education material and Medical content, this includes: Games; Dubbing and Lip Sync; Radio Drama; ADR; Trailers; IVR and Telephone work; Charity; Documentary narration and Sports Broadcasting.

Games Reel
BBC Radio Drama Reel
German Trailer & Promos Reel
German IVR Reel

A versatile German or French voice, or German, French or Continental-accent English voice, with broad technical experience.

Whether you’re recording in the studio with an engineer, or need voice parts self-recorded and uploaded, Games, Dubbing, Lip Sync, Radio Drama, Trailers, IVR and Telephone scripts, Charity videos, Documentary voice over, Sports Broadcasting and various other VO work types each call for their own understanding and skills from a Voice Artist.

Alexander’s huge experience, both in the studio and in self-recording, means you are assured of intelligent, productive sessions no matter the type of project.

His delivery always adds depth and distinctive colour, whether it be in German or French, or in English with a German, French, non-specific ‘Continental / European’ or Middle-Eastern / Arabic / Levantine, Italian or Spanish accent.

Listen to samples of Alexander’s work
across a range of miscellaneous applications.

German voice with high German accenting

As a native German-speaking narrator, VO, or character Voice Artist, Alexander is ideal for a wide range of German market male characters and types. In Games, Dubbing, and Radio Drama work, his training as an actor ensures faithful but imaginative interpretation of characters.

English voice with German accenting

As an English speaking narrator or character Voice Artist with a gentle to strong German accent and widely varied experience, Alexander can lend German sophistication, style or technical expertise to anything from a documentary about tech innovation, to an IVR script for an airline, entertainment brand or hotel chain.

English voice with ‘European / Continental’ / Mid-East accenting / Spanish / Italian

As an English speaking narrator or character Voice Artist with a non-specific ‘ European / Continental’ accent, or a Middle-Eastern/Arabic/Levantine accent, a Spanish accent or an Italian accent, Alexander can lend colour and character to a wide range of narrations, Game characters, and Dubs.

Games Here are some games Alexander lent his voice too:

Dubbing & Lip Synch Some of the projects Alexander had the joy of voicing:

Queer Eye Season 1
Role: Tan
Queer Eye Season 2
Role: Tan
Alien TV Season 1
Role: Ixbee
Alien TV Season 2
Role: Ixbee
FEAR CITY New York vs The Mafia
Role: Tom French
Say I Do
Role: Michael

Radio Some of the BBC Radio work Alexander has been part of:

How To Build a Supertower
When Fanny Met Germaine
A Broken Heart in a Warzone
This Is Your Country Now, Too: Daughter

Animation Alexander did all the voices for this Mimecast animation 

Charity Campaigns Charity appeals close to Alexander’s heart

Sports Broadcasting Alexander worked as a freelance sports broadcaster for 3 years both in live and news formats: