Medical Voice Overs

Alexander’s expertise as a Medical Voice Artist depends on a rare combination of interests, skills and competencies. With the possibility of being called on to voice for a vast range of medical subject matter, Alexander invests heavily in research and referencing ahead of his sessions, ensuring perfect understanding of sense and accuracy of pronunciation.

German Medical Reel

A German Medical Voice Artist. Or an English Medical Voice Artist with German, French or ‘Continental’ accent.

The diversity of medical specialisms, and the vast range of marketing, education and training material produced by the medical industry and requiring voiceovers calls for a high degree of dedication and specialism by voice artists working in the field.

With meticulous attention to the detail, nomenclature and phrase by phrase sense of each script, Alexander voices medical productions in his native German (High German accent), French (Belgian accent) and in English with subtle German, French or ‘Continental’ accenting.

He is particularly well suited to educational and explainer films, and to Medical documentaries in all of his language range.

Listen to samples of Alexander’s Medical voice over work

German voice with high German accenting

As a native German Medical Voice Artist with a High German accent, Alexander delivers medical voice overs for productions aimed at the German speaking market and covering a comprehensive range of medical specialisms.

English voice with German accenting

As an English Medical Voice Artist with a German accent, Alexander is able to add an inference of German clinical expertise, manufacturing excellence or academic accomplishment to productions serving a full range of medical specialisms.

English voice with European / Continental accenting

As an English Medical Voice Artist with a non-specific ’Continental’ accent, Alexander brings a non-specific suggestion of European medical excellence to productions. This is particularly popular in the pharma sector, and appealing for US markets.