E-Learning and Educational Voice Work

An expert male e-Learning voice artist, Alexander’s attractive, easy to listen to, German or gently accented English delivery makes him an excellent choice to narrate or voice e-learning, training and educational material of all kinds, across a wide range of academic, vocational and professional development subjects.

German E-Learning & Training Reel
English ‘Continental/European’ E-Learning & Training Reel
English German Accented E-Learning & Training Reel

A male, native German voice, or English voice with subtle German or Continental accents, to perfectly represent your brand’s values.

Voicing E-learning, training and other educational content calls for particular empathy, as well as an intelligence capable of understanding the broad scope of the content, no matter its complexity.

As a poly-linguist educated to degree level at a leading UK university, and with a wealth of experience in this area, Alexander is a perfect choice to voice the most complex subject matter with insight, and precision.

His E-learning and educational voice work is consistently engaging, holding the interest and attention of students and listeners through even lengthy and complex modules.

Listen to samples of Alexander’s E-learning and Education voice work.

German voice with high German accenting

As a native German Voice Artist with a High German accent, Alexander brings warmth, intelligence and encouragement to E-learning, education, and training projects for the German-speaking market. His experience enables him to cover a broad range of subject matters.

German E-Learning & Training Reel

English voice with German accenting

As an English speaking narrator of E-learning and educational content with a gentle German accent, Alexander can lend an international but academic tone to all kinds of subject matter. In the area of training and CPD, his accent is particularly well suited to technical subject matters.

English German Accented E-Learning & Training Reel

English voice with European / Continental accenting

As an English E-learning and educational voice artist with a non-specific ‘Continental’ accent, Alexander is an excellent choice for learning applications requiring a sense of modern, European Internationalism. Particularly attractive in materials for US markets.

English ‘Continental/European’ E-Learning & Training Reel